Dear colleagues,

Turkish Proteomics Association was established in 2011 in order to motivate the young investigators, build a network of researchers, sharing the knowledge, latest developments and technology in proteomics. TuPA became a member of EuPA immediately in 2011 and is represented in HuPO council and working groups.

Turkish Proteomics Association organizes active workshops, symposia and seasonal meetings to share the latest developments in the field and bring together the experienced researchers with students. TuPA invites distinguished speakers in the field to host scientifically advanced meetings and contribute to it’s members scientific development.

Mission of Proteomics Society
Our mission, Turkish scientists who proteomics research is to mediate and bring together international proteomic programs. We aim to support scientific, innovative research and training activities on Turkey. We will represent and develop proteomic technologies with national and international solidarity and cooperation and using technology,techniques and new developments in education.

Vision of Proteomics Society
Our vision is plays an important role in the proteomic technologies, biomarker research, drug discovery, diagnostics, molecular medicine, the treatment of cancer and other health-related fields. Our vision supports to research and education in the international arena in the field of proteomics to be effective in accomplishing these tasks.

2nd National Turkish Proteomics Congress
TuPA will be hosting the 2nd National Proteomic Congress on June 21st, 2016. The biennial congress will be organized in the same venue with EuPA 2016 and all EuPA 2016 sponsors/exhibitors are welcome to represent their companies free of charge. The congress aims to attract around 150 Turkish scientists working in the proteomics field.

Best regards...

Prof.Dr. Aysel Özpınar
TuPA President

Murat Ersoy

EuPA 2016





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TuPA has been a member of EuPA since its foundation in 2011....
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